Past Puppies
 Addie   -   Demi / Houston Puppy
Her mom says, She is such a good little girl​, Very well house trained. Loves to ride with me in the car. Plays with her toys and likes to play fetch or tug-a-war with me.  I just love her.
Little Rock  -  Demi / Houston Puppy
I love, love, love my little man such a sweet little cuddle bug and loves to sleep on my shoulder...​
Faith    -  Walker / Gracie Pup

                Seth is now living in Virginia
Bailey lives in Wimberley with Lisa
 and his brother Otis lives with Jaclyn​
              Sadie Lives Seth and Annette in Virginia
Reese lives in Sugarland with her half brother.....Congratulations​​ Dana.....
Lives in Sugarland with Dana and his half sister Reese